The Important Role of Community in Mental Health

By Gracie Dougherty

Community support is one of the biggest factors in creating better lives for those who struggle with their mental health. A community that advocates for their members is one that is strong and loved. With the help of a community, those who are on a mental health journey can find the support and care that they need. 

When a community comes together to spread awareness about mental health, the people within can feel both supported and heard. Communities can play an incredibly important role, as many places offer mental health centers and programs that provide plenty of effective services. Whether it be advocating for clients, spreading awareness, educating the community, or providing service to those who need it, mental health programs in a community can help those around them who need support or knowledge. 

Communities can also come together to raise money for different organizations that in turn support mental health. Providing funds for mental health organizations is key as many need help to support their mission. It is also important as certain services can be expensive for clients, which, unfortunately, can often turn people away. Donations and raising money as a community can not only spread awareness, but it can supply those who struggle with care that is accessible and affordable. 

The role of a community in a mental health journey is important. Spreading awareness and advocating for those who are going through troubles with their mental health is crucial. Knowing that there are options within a community and having the support from those around them is incredible for someone on their path to wellbeing.

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