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Mental Health Doesn’t Care Who You Are

By Gracie Dougherty

Despite the stigmas that surround people with mental health issues, mental health itself does not discriminate. Mental health doesn’t care who you are- it can affect anyone. Every ethnicity, every race, every economic status, every religion, every political affiliation. Society may care, but mental health and the corresponding illnesses do not care. 

Nearly one in every four adults will experience some sort of mental illness during their lifetime, as well as nearly one in every five children will also experience difficulties in mental health. That’s a whole lot of people; clearly mental health does not care who you are. It can truly affect anyone. It’s important to understand that mental illness doesn’t occur in just one type of person or group. It’s also so important to understand that mental illness can affect you, your family, your friends, your peers, your coworkers, anyone you know and love. 

Mental health is so similar to physical health, just like a heart disease or something as simple as a broken bone. Illnesses in both physical and mental can happen to anyone! Mental illnesses can be helped with the proper treatment and education, just like a physical illness. Just as physical illnesses or injuries don’t discriminate against who they affect, mental health is the same. 

While so many people in today’s society discriminate against those who have their struggles with mental health, mental health and illness do not ever discriminate. It can affect anyone, which is something everyone should keep in mind. Mental health does not discriminate and society should work on straying away from discrimination and judgement, as well. 

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