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Here is a little background.

This project has been designed to raise money to fund locally in the St. Croix County. Funds are for the lack of mental health resources and the financial need that families need to make a life worth living. Choose Happy spoke to me as a perfect quote about choosing to create a life worth living even when it doesn’t seem like a choice. Personally, it means to choose a path in life that I love. It means to choose to be healthy mentally. Even when I didn’t want to go to therapy or my psychiatrist appointments I know that they help make a life worth living. Choose Happy to me means that even when I don’t think I can take on the day, I take that step out of bed and slowly but surely start the day. Choose Happy is what my Dad would want me to do because life is too short.

After a few months of selling these shirts here are a few thoughts from community members.

It means to roll with the punches and take the good with the bad. Don’t sweat the small stuff because in the end that’s all it is, small stuff. Choose Happy and live the life you want to live even if there are struggles. It can be a bad day but it’s never a bad life.”

-Miles E.
“To me it means facing all the “bumps in the road” that come my way!! Holding my chin up, putting a smile on my face and doing what I need to do!!! I choose to be Happy because that’s the best way to be!!!”
-Lisa C.
“It means I honor my past while allowing life’s new memories to happen. Choose happy means I get to keep living.”
-Sue B.
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