To All the Moms & Dads;

An open letter to all the moms and dads who have children struggling,

You are doing just fine. I think that one of the hardest things in life is to see your parents sad. I have so much appreciation for those parents who stick by their child’s side during a tough time in their life. Putting myself in a parents shoes, I think that that is probably one the hardest things to go through also. Seeing your own child in pain mentally, physically, and emotionally.

When I talk to various groups whether an adult is present or not, there is a time when I am approached and asked for guidance. I think that having a community come together for the greater good is going in the right direction. I love that my parents are personally asked for advice because not only is it hard on the child going through panic attacks, not eating, not getting out of bed, having mood swings, etc. It takes a toll on the parents. Parents are what keep us going. I want every parent out there to know that there is no handbook. There are reference books, but no parenting handbook especially when your child is going through a tough time. I can remember a time when I saw a book on my dad’s book shelf about what to do when your teenager has anxiety.

I asked my mom why he had that and she said that he purchased that when I was having a hard time in 6th grade when my anxiety was peaking. That’s when it hit me. Parents are doing so much behind the scenes and I know in the moment it is hard to understand, but you as a parent are appreciated. You are so valuable to our existence. My parents are now by best friends. Not many 21 year olds are able to say that. I will never forget the first time I was in a hospital from attempted to harm myself and the fear in my parents eyes was a huge part of the motivation to start a healthy life that is worth living.

If you are a parent reading this, you are already going in the right direction. Keep motivating your child to live their life that they are here to live.


xoxo, Anna

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