Without You

This morning it hit me.

You won’t be in the stands cheering me on when I walk across the stage at graduation.

You won’t be there to give me a bear hug with that diploma in my hand.

You won’t be there to tell me to keep going.

This morning it hit me.

The conversation we had in the kitchen right before you went off to Heaven, I told you I didn’t want to walk at graduation. I just wanted that expensive piece of paper that will help me get a big girl job and move on with my life. You said, “No, you will walk. This is a big deal. Something you have accomplished. Something to celebrate.”

So, this morning it hit me.

You won’t be there in the stands watching me, instead you’ll be looking over me with the big grin & rosy cheeks. I’ll celebrate with a Miller Lite and know that you are so damn proud.

So Dad, on December 16, 2017… I will be walking across that stage for you.



3 thoughts on “Without You

  1. Your Dad will be so proud of you that day! Just as he always was and will be forever! You have been through so much Anna but you are one Amazing Lady I am proud to know!

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