Wicked Calm Candles

Do you ever feel stressed out or under the weather? My go to is either turn on my diffuser, but my latest is to light a candle!


Wicked Calm Candles are handmade soy products that benefit the Brain and Behavior Research Foundation. While each candle is carefully handcrafted with love, they come is all shapes, sizes, and scents that help calm the nerves or generally make you feel better.

On their Etsy site found here, they write “5% of ALL purchases made in our shop are donated to the Brain & Behavior Research Foundation for Mental Health Research!”IMG_8930.jpg

I personally ordered one to test it out and here is what I found:

While browsing their site you can find this directly from their about section;

Soy Candles Promoting Mental Health while Burning Down the Stigma!

At Wicked Calm Candles we strive to provide our customers high-quality soy products for those who suffer with a variety of mental health conditions. Wicked Calm Candle’s are used as a daily reminder to participate in self care, working to raise awareness about the importance of mental health and maintaining a positive mindset. Each soy candle or wax melt is handmade with the highest quality soy wax, essential oils, organic ingredients, and eco-friendly materials. We only create blends of scents that can be found in nature for the most pure and rejuvenating candle burning experience.IMG_8928.jpg

We personally test each scent, thoroughly research the ingredients used, and hand pour these candles in small batches with 100% certified organic and vegan friendly materials. Scents that promote overall relaxation and in turn a better quality of life. We firmly believe that every single person deserves the right to take moments out of their day for self-care, without having to break the bank. Momentarily escape your problems, relax, and keep wicked calm! We are here to help!

Our company is a proud contributor to the Brain & Behavior Research Foundation, donating 5% of all orders to support their research in the diagnosis and treatment of a variety of Mental Health disorders. When you purchase from us you are giving back to the future of Mental Health research funding and for that, we thank you!

** These candles should never substitute seeking medical attention from a certified physician for any preexisting physical or mental condition **”IMG_8932

I received my candle in a timely manner and got a wax melt along with it. The second I got it, I could not wait to try out the wax melt! The scent was amazing and they are made with natural ingredients so you know it’s not bad for you.

I love finding fun small businesses that are striving to make a difference!

Thank you owner and creator, Mary Kate Dixon for all you do!

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