10 Months Tomorrow

10 months tomorrow you you physically left this earth to Heaven, but your spirit lives on in each one of us kids everyday. Everyday I see you in my brothers, the way they talk, the way they laugh, the way they live their life. 10 months ago tomorrow, you went to Heaven, but not a moment goes by we don’t bring you up in a story, or think about how you would help us out in a time of distress.

10 months ago tomorrow.

It’s kind of interesting how this journey has evolved. Through tough conversations with people you find out that a lot of people have lost a loved one some way or another. I often times wonder what Heaven for you is like. I picture the grass vibrantly green, a brand new scag turf mower waiting for you. I imagine a field of unlimited hydrangea flowers with a beautiful waterfall. I imagine your radio playing KFAN as you wander from one project outside to the next. I hear your goofy laugh and your sunburned face from being outside and mom wondering where your sunscreen was. I hear you opening a can of Mountain Dew, later winding down on the couch with a bottle of Miller Lite. Baseball season has started so you are watching the Twins play. I see you with a tooth pick in your mouth and a computer in your lap as you follow along with other sports fanatics on Twitter… even though you actually did not have an actual Twitter account.

Now and then I remember Mom and I laughing and being our usual loud selves in the kitchen and you turning up the volume saying “really?” without even looking at us… oh what I would give to joke around with you again.

Grilling season is arriving and even though you grilled year round like the midwestern you were, I smell the deep frier as you make cheese curds for us, inviting our college roommates over for dinner as you grill your famous burgers. You carefully picked out the perfect RJ’s hamburger buns.

Can you believe it will be 10 months tomorrow? I sure as hell can’t.

But your legacy lives on in each of us kids. The kids you raised to not worry about the little things. The kids you raised to love the outdoors, hiking, gardening, sports, you name it.

We miss you, but know that you would want us to Choose Happy.

xoxo, Dad.

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