Self Care Boxes

While browsing Instagram, I found this amazing non-profit… Self Care Boxes. We hear about self love and self care all the time now, and really it is super important especially with your mental health. Self care for most is an item or an activity that makes you feel stress free, relaxed, and ready to take on the rest of the day. Some people it’s a good book, some its a relaxing bubble bath, others it’s going for a run. Self Care boxes sent me a box and I was overwhelmed with positivity and mindfullness. IMG_8918.jpg

Recently, they opened up an Etsy shop to help fund their non-profit. Here is the link to their Go Fund Me where they raise money to be able to send boxes to people who request them. If you follow their Instagram, they pick about 5 names bi-weekly. Then send those boxes out.


On their Go Fund Me page their write “Self Care Boxes is a non-profit charity dedicated to sending self care goods to those suffering from mental illness.
Every little bit helps as we will be sending as many care boxes as possible out every month.
We will update on each box on our Facebook page “Self Care Boxes”  “IMG_8917.jpg

Coloring books have been making a comeback for adults these past couple years… if you have yet to sit down and take time to color, I highly recommend doing that. Your mood with thank you!


Each item they pick out to put in a box (items vary per box/week), they are gravitated towards that self care soothing feel. Nothing like coming home after a stressful or long day, and relaxing with essential oils, or washing your face with lavender cleansing wipes. IMG_8916.jpgThank you for putting smiles on people’s faces who are struggling!

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