Letting Go

Sometimes in the midst of life, you turn another year older, and you sit in your room reflecting on the past 23 years. Where am I now? Where did I want to be by now? Sometimes it’s time to let go. Live a new life. Sounds scary… right? Sometimes I sit and get anxious thinking of all the projects I have taken on. Writing, being a mental health advocate, starting a non-profit. How come I was not born with all the natural talents of creative design, writing, athletic ability, the list literally could go on and on. Anxiety works in mysterious ways. Here is what I have learned.


  1. Shut anxiety out.

Leave the room you are in. Take a walk outside. A long breath. Literally breathe. Life was not intended for you to worry about all the little things.

  1. Embrace who you really are.

All my life I’ve had to work extra hard. ‘Things’ never came easy for me. I play hockey for 13 years and people always asked me ‘were you good’? and I always said. “I was never the best, but I loved the game.” There is a difference between being good and having passion towards something and truthfully, hockey showed me that. I love to write, but I am not a naturally born writer. I have had to practice, I still am! I am known to be too hard on myself even when my motto is you can always be better. You can always do better. There is so much to learn in life. About life. I’ll never stop learning and trying to be better.

  1. Find the good.

I dare you. Stop what you are doing right now and write down a gratitude list. 10 things you like about yourself. It’s harder than you thought, huh. Reality is it shouldn’t be. Love who you are! Find the good in life. In yourself. It’s all over, I promise.

  1. Take time to breathe.

Easier said than done, I know. With juggling a job, social life, and extra curriculars you feel like you don’t have time to breathe. We weren’t designed to busy bees. That’s a choice. Love what you do but remember it’s okay to stop and breathe. Believe me, I’m doing that as I write this.

  1. Lastly, let go.

Let go of the worry, the stress, the regret. Life is too damn short to be stressed and worn out.


For whatever reason you are reading this, love who you are, who you were made to be.


Xoxo, Anna

2 thoughts on “Letting Go

  1. Beautiful words Anna! I needed to hear that today. I’ve been wondering where my life is headed lately. You always inspire me,Thank You!

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