I’m sitting on the couch right not enjoying this snowy morning. Over-indulging is coffee, snacking, and made a smoothie. As I look out the window, I see all the beautiful gifts of the God has granted us.

I recently spoke to a group of 8th grade students at my hometown church. I did not know how nerve wrecking that actually would be! I tried to go back to my 13/14 year old self and speak in a way that they would understand and take away from my presentation. While preparing, I spoke with a good family friend and she introduced me to the topic, AO1 — Audience Of One. That means that our audience is  non other than God himself.

We should only be comparing ourselves to God and how he wants us to live our life. In our English class we are talking about happiness and suffering. I reflected on my journey through mental health and growing closer to God has helped a ton. I was asked if happiness is a choice. I personally brought up my story by saying that I know someone because only you know yourself better than anyone. I said that you do not have to have a traumatic experience in life and become depressed or have any other mental illness.

Life is hard, but overcoming those barriers makes you stronger. For whatever reason you are reading this, you are here for a reason.


xoxo, Anna

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