Taking on the Day

Today I got out of my comfort zone and traveled to the cities. And if you know me, I am no city slicker. I started off by going to a popular coffee shop that makes pretty lattes which I don’t mind one bit. As I was there, I was so not like everyone else. A Wisco girl did not really fit in as well as I thought. I would go back don’t get me wrong, but talk about anxiety. I ended up writing in my journal

“I found my way out of my comfort zone through the city not sure what I was getting myself into. Decided to try a new location, very urban style. My crappy computer died with no outlets near me, my phone at 7% and I am now planning a trip to Best Buy to get my camera fixed. (btw they couldn’t fix it) #PrayersNeeded”


I then wanted to go walk around downtown Minneapolis but then ended up in St. Paul. Making the best out of it, I made my way by at playground with a sign that said “all are welcome here <3″…. my heart. Kids are so great. Then, made my way back to the good ole RF.

Reflecting on my #MeDay, I actually took time to stop and see the beauty that each city or town has to offer. I may have pissed off a few drivers and bikers, but I made it there and back safely with no panic attacks. It is though, safe to say, I won’t be making any trips to the cities anytime soon. Remember to just be you.



Anna J

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