Let’s Talk.

It’s the little things in life like having a mental health chat with your family at your favorite restaurant in town. Ever since I can remember, my mom and dad always brought us to Barker’s in our hometown, Hudson WI. This grew as a family staple. I remember one of the last times I went there with my mom and dad was when I got good grades in one of my last semesters in college. I texted them and said let’s celebrate! Barker’s Bar and Grill was always a place of celebration for our family. When my dad passed away they graciously brought food out to us and our extended family members and honestly is was one of the best ways to remember my dad. This last time we went to Barker’s we were celebrating a friend being in town and some of dad’s favorite foods (11/10 recommend the wings). When we sat down per usual we saw people we knew, recognized servers because we were regulars by now.  Through eating our delicious meal, we were chatting about suicide and family history. Talking about signs, medical records, etc. I know, not your usual family dinner talk, but hey… We have now made that a priority in our house. After we were done we were getting ready to pay when a server said that another server wanted to buy us dessert. We were shocked by the kindness and were amazed by her generosity. The server’s name was Kait. We went to high school together so I figured last week was dad’s one year angelversary.

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When the dessert came to our table, she brought it to us and expressed that she knew about how hard last weekend must have been for us. Then, without hesitation she spoke about how in a couple days will be 5 years since she attempted suicide (yep, I was on the verge of crying). This amazed me. The courage she had to speak up about her own story. With people she barely knew. This got me thinking. One. What a strong community I live it. Two. Look how much of an impact just one person had speaking about her story. Just think, if we talk more about suicide, impacts, and the resources around us, think about the impact that we could make. Thank you Kait, Barker’s, and my Hudson community.


Xoxo, Anna

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