Life and Your Parents

Life is so confusing at times. I tend to write down ideas when they come to me and then just down my browser to continue with what I was doing. I had written this about my mom around Mother’s Day. Our parents, no matter how much of a pain they may be at times. Continually asking where you are (yes even at 23 a parent’s job never ends), telling you to wash the dishes, the list goes on. I mean I could write an entire blog post on that 😉 Anyway, no matter how much they may feel like a pain, it’s that unconditional love you have for them. Here is a letter dedicated to my mom in particular.


“This mother is dedicated to a pretty strong, badass mom of mine. Many of you may know her, but if you don’t… Here is why she is one of the people who shines the light on cloudy days.


My mom. My mom is selfless and most importantly displays the most unconditional love any mother ever could. At a young age, she met my dad, and they became friends. Little did she probably know, they would become high school sweethearts, fall in love, and start a family of two boys and a girl.


My mom. My mom is a teacher of over 25 years in the same district and shapes the mind of little ones each day. If you don’t know my mom, she has a smile that will make your frown turn upside-down. She has a laugh that you could probably hear miles away, but it is so contagious, it’s hard not to laugh with her.


My mom. My mom is someone who you can talk to, relate to, and understand life.


My mom. My mom usually spends Mother’s Day with my daddio, hiking, drinking wine, or finding some cute restaurant. This Mother’s Day, my daddio will be there in spirit. He will be looking down at her while she has another ‘first’ without them.”


For whatever reason you are reading this, hug those parents tight, no matter how much they text and call you during the day.

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