Running Away from Depression

Tonight I decided that I would turn off Netflix, make some of my favorite honey lavender tea (10/10 recommend), and write. I have been so consumed with life lately that I have been wanting to just sit and write for a while now. Lately I said good-bye to Facebook which is actually refreshing because the people that will want to stay in touch, will find a way to stay in touch. Sometimes…. actually always…. I found myself concerned about who saw my posts, who liked my posts, ect. That is not what life is about. SO buh bye Facebook. (Sorry Zuckerberg) I also have great news! I always joke that I am a horrible runner and it is actually comical thinking of me running, but I decided that I need to get outside more and enjoy the nature that God has given us. I started running/walking then made it a mile running without stopping. What a day. I don’t run for the weight loss, although that might come in handy one of these days because sooner or later my love for Top the Tator will catch up to me, I run to get away from depression and anxiety.

I have found that it gives me so much energy that it motivates me to not even want to take a nap. My sleep schedule gets so wonky that I felt groggy 24/7, not to mention my mood swings. I was not being mindful of what was going on around me. While getting the courage to take a run around campus, I have found that my mind actually, literally (Parks & Rec fans lol), feels free. I smile genuinely and am actually proud for not being my lazy usual self.

An example would be an average night like tonight. I came home at six after my last class of the day, made dinner which I made zucchini noodles which again, 10/10 would recommend, but then I felt blah because I have not been feeling well all week (stupid cold). I decided that instead of running and can simply go for a walk. If you know me, I don’t really like people watching me try to be athletic so this was the perfect time to head outside. And wow oh wow. Not only was it good to get fresh air, I actually took time to appreciate the college area and town I currently live in. I grew up in the rival town so I can be a little bias, but this was breath taking tonight. It was refreshing to just walk and not think about school or work.


So, from rant to rant, for whatever reason you are reading this… you are appreciated and loved. Get out and enjoy the world you live in.


xoxo, Anna

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