Namaste Out of Bed

I have always been somewhat active growing up but mainly in hockey, softball, and other sports here and there. I was never a yoga goer. Lately I have been doing yoga about 3-4 times a week because due to having so many little concussions throughout the years, I get headaches periodically. I have found out these past couple of years that headaches or other neck problem often times create anxiety throughout my body. Yoga helps that a ton. While consistently doing yoga I have found that:

  1. I feel better mindfully.
  2. I have fewer headaches.
  3. I sleep better.
  4. I am more at ease.
  5. Anxiety = gone.

Just these five changes in my life help a ton. Everyone is different. I love the meditation part of yoga. It helps me center my life and be present. Having fewer headaches makes my days go by smoother and I am more productive. I only am able to fully regulate on 8-10 hours of sleep (not your average college student). If you are anything like me. DO SOME YOGA. Your sleep cycle will be full of bliss. Also if you know anything about me, if I am on edge, I either snap at you on accident or freak out and clean the entire house from top to bottom. (what can I say? I chose to stay off my anxiety meds) Speaking of which, anxiety withers away and I can continue being the sassy, outgoing, okayish at school college student I am.

For whatever reason you are reading this, find your tribe and live at ease.


xoxo, Anna

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