Keepin’ the Routine

Wow what a month it has been and it just a little over half way over! I moved home so I can focus on finals and finish my LAST semester (cross your fingers) of college!

Lately I have been thinking to myself and when I get a thought I have to write it down right away. I keep post it notes everywhere with me. I was thinking while moving back home how there is so much routine that helps you be mindful in life! I have done a post before about my day but I want to give some insight about how the routine works!

So… I give you… A Day in the Life of Me 😉

5:30: my alarm goes off (I may or may not get up lol.)

5:45: another alarm goes off.

6:15: last alarm goes off, if I don’t get up I realize I went to bet too late and someone better come drag me out of bed otherwise my day won’t start until like 9am…yikes.

(So lets say I finally get out of bed by 6:30)

6:30: check my phone because, yes I use social media as a tactic to wake up. the light on my phone makes me alarmed. I am trying not to, because I really should be technology free for the first 30 min of my day so we will work on that.

7:00: I then turn on my TV to the TODAY show because I love that whole news cast. I will literally watch until 11am if I don’t have an appt or class.

7:01: make coffee… duh.

7:30: wash my face and eventually put my face on aka do my makeup.

fast forward to noon.

While fast forwarding, I am either reading, doing school work, work from home, or journaling.

noon: school, life, lunch, the works. ever day is a new day.

2pm: I cut off all caffeine intake. So I am able to give my mind a body a chance to slow down.

5pm: dinner, a walk maybe, social time, meetings, etc.

8:00: I start my night time routine (YES I KNOW I AM A GRANDMA) actually my grandma straight up told me she goes to be at midnight lol I love her.

8:30: I will make tea, wind down with a good movie, yoga, etc.

9:30: GOOD NIGHT WORLD. see you the next day, even though we are not guaranteed tomorrow, live every day like it’s your last.

So I know you all were really worried about my daily schedule, but here is really just an incite on how a routine can help keep you sane. I love structure and to be organized, that’s just how I’m wired. So for whatever reason you are reading this, try it out! Don’t knock it ’till you try it.


xoxo, Anna

One thought on “Keepin’ the Routine

  1. This is great, Anna. When you’re retired, like me, ‘time’ is so different. Easy to “put off to tomorrow” mentality.
    Love you…😘

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