Joy Stealing

I have talked about the women’s christian retreat that I recently went to and it was alllll about choosing JOY. I love joy. I mean, I hope I do? lol. Moving on. So, what brings you joy?



My dog.

My family.

A good book.


Doing well in school.

My (3) jobs.



The list really could go on and on and that’s the beauty of it! But what doesn’t bring you joy?

Negative people.

Cloudy days.

Fish. (I know I am even from the Midwest, I’m weird)

Waking up late.


Cold coffee.

A dirty house.

A cluttered work space.



Those are all what we call “Joy Stealers”.

When things that make you have that icky feeling inside you are considered joy stealers. They literally take the joy away from you. Joy is such a beautiful gift that we are able to have!

Writing personally brings me joy because I am able to get my thoughts out without just telling someone them. (or talking to my dog) I am here to try and make a difference in my community and this is one of the ways I know how.

For whatever reason you are reading this, make a list of what things bring you joy and what are considered your joy stealers!

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