For those who know me, Raisa is my go to person. Literally my person. I celebrated my 22nd birthday Monday on the 1st and she gave me such a great present and card I have to share. I am constantly telling her how much I love her writing so in my friends words, I present to you, one of the best birthday cards I have ever received.

Anna’s “Happy Bag”

  1. “motivation in a mug”

on those days when you need an extra push to get your butt out of bed, make sure to grab this mug from the cupboard. (a mug that literally says motivation in a mug)

2. I know you’re thinking this isn’t your color (a bright purple lip gloss), but on the days when you need it, you better smear this gloss on your lips. it’s a reminder that you are a strong, confident, sassy woman who if you put your mind to it, you can “run the world”.

3. Rainy, gloomy days may put you in a funk, but with this cheery umbrella you can shade yourself from the gloom and radiate positivety.

4 & 5. when you need a place to escape to after an overwhelming day, light this candle, sit down, and paint your nails. be mindful of taking time for yourself and for each nail you paint, remember a thing that makes your world bright while you “escape” with the scent of “lush amazon” in you resort (aka your bedroom)

lol. some people just know me too well.

6. last, connect this key chain (a pink “A”) to your keys as a reminder where ever you travel that not only stands for your name, “Anna”, but also as a reminder that your “attitude” determined it ALL; your happiness, your success, your relationships, your life.


So, for whatever reason you are reading this. Go out there and find that person who knows your life better than you.


xoxo, Anna

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