Growing From the Inside Out

The beauty of gardening is seeing that you plant a seed and watch it grow into the world. They stand tall and strong during the roaring storms, embrace the sunlight, and nurture our souls. There is something about taking on the responsibility of a small plant, veggie, or flower. Making sure it is getting the perfect amount of sunlight, water, and food. It’s amazing that without plants, bumble bees, and the sun we wouldn’t be able to to be here on earth.

We as people are a lot like plants. We need water, sunlight, the cloudy days come, but we still are growing. We grow from the inside out. We stop growing at a certain age physically but I firmly believe that we never stop growing from the inside. There are so many things in life that will help us grow from this inside that money cannot buy. Except coffee, and wine, and books, and Netflix, and dogs. But that is beside the point.

I have become more spiritual even before I lost my dad over 6 weeks ago. I started to grow in my faith, I love reading self help books, but also love a good mystery thriller book. I love to journal, I love to color in my adult coloring book, I love to take pictures, and dance like nobody is watching. Life is indeed funny like that. We forget that joy can come at no cost.

If there is one thing you can take away from this Monday, or whatever day you are reading this, put down your phone, turn up the music, and let out the stress and find your joy. Laugh at yourself, dance by yourself, take that nap, drink that Diet Coke, stay up late, go to bed early, do whatever you need to do for you.

For whatever reason you are ready this, find joy in your life and don’t let anyone rain on that parade.


xoxo, Anna

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