A Walk in Someone Else’s Shoes

If there is one thing that I have learned with my 22 years on Earth is that you never know what someone else is going through so always treat people with kindness. I was at my towns festival, North Hudson Pepper Fest. Lots of memories with my dad there, I was an ambassador on the court there in 2012. My Dad went to every parade he could, helped  in anyway he was available.

Being overwhelmed, I ‘naturally’ broke down into tears. Fast forward to the afternoon in the festival park, I started crying while in the middle of a crowd. It feels as though your in a cloud and cannot get out. Everything feels blurry, people bump into you because they have their own happiness to worry about. I mean you can’t really blame them. We all worry about our own being because that’s what we are wired to do.

I realized today that putting yourself in someone else’s shoes makes you have even a little bit of an understanding of life’s pressures and tasks. Life may never be fair, but we have to live with what we got. On a lighter note, I’m in bed eating tator tots while watching Grey’s Anatomy so sometimes life isn’t so bad. One day, I may write about something more uplifting…. perhaps more so save that for a rainy day.


For whatever reason you are reading this, next time you see someone crying don’t judge, just know that they may be having a rough day, but hey, every situation is temporary… right?


xoxo, Anna

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