Motivation or Nah

Have you ever experienced a night where you didn’t want to get ready for be or you feel too ‘lazy’ to want to even get up and brush your teeth? Then you wake up to start your day… typically a morning person, looking forward to that first cup of coffee yet you find it hard to move? Same. Lately I have not been able to find the motivation to get ready. It all seems so much to shower, put makeup on, not look homeless and then all you want to do is lay there and watch TV.

Here are 5 ideas to get you motivated and movin’.

  1. Start Cleaning
  2. Take that Nap
  3. Listen to a Podcast
  4. Go on Pinterest
  5. Read a Chapter of a Book

Clean. Something I do excessively, but in a health way. Like yesterday. I cleaned out my closet (again) because honestly every month one should do that to find out how much ‘stuff’ aka crap you can fit into one little space. It honestly makes you feel so much better in the long run.

Nap. I want to do this right now, but feel that I will end up sleeping through the night and not be productive. I know that napping does not sound productive anyway, but you deserve to recharge.

Podcast. My new favorite to listen to is Mindful. Seriously recommend you drop what you are doing and listen to it. It is perfect to listen to while doing homework, cleaning, a project, you name it. It speaks out about different mental health stories in the local Twin Cities area.

Pinterest. I am a Pinterest junkie and proud of it. I find all of my motivation from going onto this site and finding new ways to cook, clean or dress.

Read. Sometimes I get tired when I sleep, but reading makes me feel like I have accomplished something like making my bed every morning. (try that, and you will be so ready to take on the day)


So, for whatever reason you are reading this, find that motivation deep down and find that positive energy it brings.


xoxo, Anna

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