What a Day, What a Day

If you are anything like me, your day starts at 5:30 am. You may take a look at your phone trying to wake up and scroll through all social media feeds. Then, when you finally can get out of bed you start to get ready for the day. You make your bed so you already feel productive then go make breakfast. 7:00 rolls around and you turn the TV on to watch your favorite news segment, the TODAY Show. You drink one cup of coffee, talk to your roommates or family members then you pack your bag and make a second cup of coffee to go. You go through the day, not always with grace, and then you come back home and relax. Then again, not every day I can come home and relax. I may have appointments, work, or other commitments. BUT then, 8 pm comes and its time for me to start my bed time routine. I start the shower to wash off the day because tomorrow is a new one. I drink my lavender-chamomile tea, read a book or watch a movie. I climb into bed and thank God for the day. Some days are not all that though so do not get me wrong. Maybe I cannot day on the day right away so I may sleep in. I may only drink one cup of coffee and skip the news. I may just lag throughout the day and hope it ends soon. But at the end of each day you always thank the ones who have stayed in your life and God for allowing you to wake up and take it on anyway.img_2227

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