Single and Not Ready to Mingle

Listening to Miss Independent by Kelly Clarkson is the perfect fit right now. I am a very independent person who loves to be social, go to bed early, laughing with my mom with a margarita in hand, or being by myself with a good book and coffee.

Growing up you sort of have a view on life that you can find your prince charming get married after you graduate college and have a picture perfect life. But how are you supposed to be in someone else’s life when you do not have yours figured out yet? I love being a single 22 year old because I still have so much to discover for myself. I have heard so many others who are older than me say that do not worry about it right now, your time will come, etc, etc. and you know what? They’re right. I need to fill myself up with gratitude and joy before I can share some.

With that said, sometimes people find that special someone earlier that I will or later, or never and that’s okay!! Be okay with where you are in life if you are happy. That is all that matters. I love my friends because their significant others are my closest friends too. I love, love, but I need to love myself first. Some people may disagree with me, but I cannot wait for the day that I meet someone and know that he is the one along with knowing what I want in life. I want to graduate college. I want to get a full time job. I want to buy a small house. I want to love life first. Go out. Have fun. & make everyday worth getting out of bed for.


For whatever you are reading this, next time you are asked at a family reunion about your love life, know to love yourself first.


xoxo, Anna


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