Snapchatting Your Life Away

A couple of months ago I decided to get rid of my Snapchat. I still have my account, but I got rid of the app. Why would I do such a thing you ask? Because I was sick and tired of living through other peoples’ lives. I may be a 21 year old college student so I should keep the app right? No. I am my own person. No one is pressuring you to use social media, it is just how our society has been molded the last five years. I have found that after I stopped using Snapchat, I stopped comparing myself to others, getting upset at other people, and I have used the time to do more things that are better for me like write!

I always think about ten years ago when social media did not exist. We had to actually call people, talk to people one on one, AND actually hangout with people other than just Face-timing. I struggle because I am going to college for Marketing Communications where Social Media is a huge factor. I have learned to limit my social media time to benefiting my life and to making a difference. Life gets hard and social media makes it harder. I have lost some of my social skills from being glued to my phone and I hope the upcoming generations that are born into the social media world find that perfect balance. Life is all about you balancing your life.

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