Losing Faith

When you are growing up, finding faith in “God” is hard enough. Add some tragedy into that and then you feel like you lost it all. Once my dad passed away, I remember going out to our butterfly garden we grew together and literally asking God why the hell he would do this. Why the hell would he allow for this to happen to my family. My Mom. My brothers. My grandparents. My aunts & uncles. My cousins. My dad’s friends. My community. Why could he just reach out to my dad and show him how loved he his, & how much he would be missed. How much my heart hurts physically.

I then decided for myself that this whole “God” deal is crap. Who is to tell me that “God has a plan”… That “God is always here for us”…

Then I found this.


I found these words to be so comforting and I hope they guide you to feeling the same way. I wise person once said “God is not here to keep us from feeling pain, but to help us heal from it.”

Everything that happens in our life… we may not understand why they happen. I now with probably never say to someone that God has a plan because unless I know what that plan is, it’s not my place. They need to find and fill that void for themselves.

So, for whatever reason you are reading this, take time to fill a void in your life.


xoxo, Anna

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