be your be.

be your be. A company run by young women who are on the path of doing great things in the world. be your be. Proceeds from their merchandise go to help stop the stigma of mental health. These three women will change the world and how you view mental health. Not only are their shirts comfy, stylish, yet so simple… they bring joy to me the minute I put it on.

They write:

“To be: is to live and exist. Your being defines you, today. Not where you’ve been or where you’re wishing to go, rather right this exact minute. We’re constantly searching for acceptance in appearance, spirituality, body image, education, athletics, relationships, jobs. How cool would it be to live in a world that celebrates each other’s being no matter where we are in the journey to exist.

Be your be.

Be so content in yourself that it radiates and empowers every living soul around you.Mental illnesses change the way we see ourselves and it’s no easy thing to talk about. Be your be shines light on the conversation and is taking a stance to end stigmas of mental illness.

Be strong. Be loud. Be happy. Be content. Be ridiculously you.

Be your be.

“be your be,” is a wellness mantra. With the sale of our merchandise we will donate a portion of our proceeds to end the stigma attached to mental illness and strengthen mental health.” Found on

Thank you ladies… for helping the world one shirt at a time.


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